Branden Lee

Branden Lee

Midwest Roofing Services would like to thank Tracy and his team at Insight Designs for the creation of  our new updated website.  The website is a great way to check into all the services Midwest Roofing has to offer and to give higher functionality to our clients. Here at Midwest Roofing Services we feel a strong commitment to not only do an outstanding job, but to educate our clients on products and services we provide. Your home or business is one of the largest purchases you will ever make and we know how important it is to you and how important our customers are to us. Please feel free to use the services provided on our new website.  Each of our services are listed at the top of the web page under red tabs, Commercial, Residential, Guttering and Consulting to help our clients better locate the area of service needed.  If you are a client who is unsure of the service needed, Midwest Roofing Services will also help you through a 4 step process to eliminate confusion.  The process will inform and educate the client to help them make the right selection that fits their needs. We also have created symbols on the right side of the page for our specialty services. The first symbol is of a person, this is to our Priority Service.  With the Priority Service clients will now be able to sign up online to set up appointment  for a free estimate with one of our Service Writers. If our clients need to get their roof fixed fast and want  Midwest Roofing Services to repair it, you can now sign up for the Priority Service online and secure your name at the top of the list.  Check out the website and all the services and options that Midwest Roofing Services can offer to your home or business at www.midwestroofingservices.com.

Midwest Roofing has Service Writers traveling over the midwest in our newly wrapped graphic vehicles.  Midwest Roofing Services recently purchased 4 HHR's for their Service Writers to better serve the public and to go green on fuel efficiency with ECOTEC engines. So keep an eye out for our new HHR vehicles in your neighborhood and feel free to stop one of the Service Writers  for a free estimate on your home. 

The Soldiers to our Great Country have given us all so much!  America's Soldiers give up the comfort of their homes and families, all to protect others and the United States.  At Midwest Roofing Services we fully recognize, support, and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act.

One of our very own employess of our commercial crew, Kyle Kozik left to serve in the Airforce Reserves and to begin basic training. Midwest Roofing supports his endeavor in serving our country and will gladly hold his postiion on our commercial crew until he returns. 

Recently, Darren Ward owner of Midwest Roofing Services was honored with an award from Kyle Kozik and The Employer Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR).  Darren is proud of Kyle Kozik and to be a part of such an honorable service to our soldiers.

Midwest Roofing is proud to be a part of helping the environment.  We are doing our part to stay green by reducing and recycling.

*We offer residential shingles that are Energy Star rated.  Energy Star qualified products reflect more of the suns rays. This can lower the roof surface temperature and effectively reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings.

*We recently purchased fuel efficient vehicles for our Service Writers and are saving on average 1000 gallons of gas per vehicle a year.

*We are active in recycling aluminum and steel debris from our projects.

*Our Commercial Department often uses applications that are recyclable. 

*We also recycle old shingles when we are in states that participate for using them as a road base.

*Our Home Office also participates by recycling paper, cans, and plastic bottles.

Midwest Roofing knows these small steps to help the environment can make a big impact on the future and by setting a example for our  future generations.  We are very proud to make our Green Foot Print and to make it available to our customers as well. Together we can make Earth Day everyday One Step at a Time!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Forward

We stay pretty busy. We have a lot of crews and each year as Spring rolls across the Great Plains and brings with her the legendary storms to which we have all grown accustomed, we shift from "pretty busy" to some sort of hyper speed with new team members, new locations and new technology. One area of technology that we seemed to have glazed over has been a web presence. We felt pretty sure that that this whole internet thing was just a passing phase...imagine our surprise.

We really do focus on learning our trade, and we educate ourselves on new products and techniques so that we are constantly improving ourselves and our company. However, we really didn't know much about web sites. We've all gotten used to them, and through the course of day we see so many that are good, and some that are bad, and some are just downright awful. We didn't want take a chance and have one of the "downright awful" ones. We tried to focus on you, the consumer. We tried to put our self in YOUR shoes. Sometimes you're shopping for a roof because the one you put on fifteen years ago has come to the end of its lifetime and you're doing your research, trying to find a reputable company. Sometimes you find yourself in a catastrophic moment where your primary concern is the immediate need to replace your roof. We tried to put ourselves in those positions and imagine a website that was informative and simple to navigate. We wanted YOU to be able to contact US in a simple, quick, and efficient manner.

We have great confidence in the products and the service we provide. We know our business from end to end, and we feel convinced that if you receive an estimate from us, we will be your company of choice. We didn't arrive at that feeling with any sort of arrogance or hubris, we are passionate about the service we provide and we have a 56 years of experience to back it up. We were roofing the Midwest when Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, when 'I Love Lucy' was in its fifth season, and when tail fins still blazed the back roads of Route 66.   

We hope you like the website, we hope it's a great new tool for us, and for you.

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  • Credentials: Midwest Roofing Services has partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry. Midwest Roofing has been awarded the prestigious certification of Master Select by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, “GAF Materials Corp.”. This certification is reserved for the Top 2% of the roofing contractors nation wide. Midwest Roofing is also certified applicators for the following manufacturers. Versico Roofing Systems, Certainteed Commercial Roofing and Topps Products, Inc. This partnership allows us to provide the following types of roofing applications with extended manufacturers warrantees. Thermoplastic (PVC and TPO), Thermoplastic Fleece Back, Epdm, Modified Bitumen, Built up Roofing, Roof Coatings, Metal Roof Restorations.

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