Emily Videtto, Vice-President of Shingles and New Product Development at GAF talked about some of the key points in choosing shingles for your residential roof. A lot of consumers now live in communities where where exterior appearance is mandated by a home owner's association, but if you don't live in a community like that, then you actually have a lot of options when building or replacing your residential roof.


Videtto says "Be Daring – But Don’t Forget Resale Value" she goes on to add "colors in clothing and interiors may change every two or three years, but when you look at exterior color trends, you'll notice that 'bold' typically means much more muted than the trends you see in fashion" A bold green might be popular in the fashion magazines, you would see that color translated into an exterior palette of more subtle warm, earthy green tones. That's Because bold green might not be the 'in' color two years from now (likely not), but you're still going to have the same roof. Videtto said,"Color choices in exteriors are long-term decisions, so make sure the palette that you select is not only one that fits your personality and taste today but also one that you'll enjoy ten years down the road." 


We have so many options in color and materials in residential roofing. Think about your entire exterior. Videtto aks,"Would you choose a new sofa for your living room without thinking about the room’s paint color or accent scheme?" Just like your interior, your roof needs to match the rest of your home’s exterior for a cohesive design. Your roof can represent up to 40% of your home's overall curb appeal, don't underestimate the impact on the overall look and style of your home. All of the parts have to work together. Maybe you want your shingles to match your current paint choice, or perhaps replacing your residential roof is the beginning of a new exterior color scheme that will include a new paint choice? Sometimes a replacement roof is the perfect opportunity to update the whole exterior to a more modern palette. In a National Association of REALTORS® survey, it was discovered that a new Designer roof can increase your home's value by a median of 7%!

In a National Association of REALTORS® survey, it was discovered that a new Designer roof can increase your home's value by a median of 7%


Roof pitch makes texture and overall visible space important elements in your shingle choice. Videtto says, "If your roof has a low pitch, the shingle profile will be more important than the shape;" This is where texture becomes important. You might consider an ultra-dimensional shingle that will add an extra thick appearance on your roof. Videtto suggests GAF’s Grand Canyon®, Camelot®, or Timberline® Ultra HD® Shingles for this purpose. If your residential roof has a steep pitch, then you have more visible surface area and a unique design or color pattern could be a better choice. In this situation, Videtto thinks you should consider a classic look, which can be achieved with either Camelot® II or Sienna® Lifetime Designer Shingles.


Trush your instinct! You have to look at your roof every day. Videtto says, "If you absolutely LOVE a specific shingle, don’t settle for anything less. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made a purchase that I thought was practical, but then regretted it every time I pulled up in my driveway (the economy army green door — worst mistake!)." A shingle choice shouldn't kill your budget. Manufacturers offer value options with beautiful, more expensive, designer looks. Videtto suggests the entire GAF Designer Shingle Value Collection as a solution to get that designer look at a fraction of the cost.



Fill out the form and you will automatically be added to our listing for priority roofing service for hail damage, storm damage and tornados. Avoid the risk of more damage from subsequent storms, and move to the front of line, get your name on the list now.

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Every Spring, the Midwest is bombarded by storms, from Texas to Oklahoma; from Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. We all weather the onslaught of Spring's fury. If you're lucky, you have no damage, but if you didn't escape the the hail and high winds, you now own a storm damaged roof.

But My Friends Work For Beer?

So your residential roof has been damaged in a storm, and you have an insurance check in your hand. You're thinking about just replacing it yourself. You have a bother-in-law and some college friends that can knock out your residential roof in a weekend. You might save money, you might get it completed quicker, but is that going to be the best choice to protect your home and your family? Do you have enough knowledge and experience to replace your residential roof on your own? Is saving a few bucks worth the price of problems you might cause down the road? There's a difference between 'getting it done' and 'getting it done RIGHT'.

We Thoroughly Inspect Each Residential Roof

We inspect all decking for splits or breaks when removing old shingles. As a homeowner choosing to replace your own roof, you might not see all the sublte clues and flaws that we see because we replace residential roofs on a daily basis. Small indicators of a looming problem might be overlooked or seen but ignored. We do a thorough inspection with a well trained crew and then we replace or re-nail decking as needed and we clean decking or loose debris.

We Install The Proper Felt Paper

We install 15lb or 30lb felt paper. Quality roof deck protection, or “felt paper”, provides an extra layer of protection between your shingles and your roof deck. It helps prevent wind-driven rain, or water in general, from getting in under your shingles and causing damage to your roof structure or the inside of your home. It also helps allow shingles to lie flat and uniform which will result in a better-looking roofing job.

There's a difference between 'getting it done' and 'getting it done RIGHT'.

We Implement Proper and Uniform Standards for Residential Roofing Jobs

We install shingles with 4 nails per shingle, no more than 5 5 / 8 inches from the bottom of the shingle. Different roofing materials require different types of roofing nails, whehter you are installing a metal roof, a shake shingle or traditional asphalt shingle, we have 60 years of experience in knowing our tools and our industry. We'll make the appropriate choice for your residential roofing project.

We Avoid Shortcuts And Novice Cost-Cutting Tactics

We never use staples on fiberglass or asphalt shingles. It's silly to think that people would use staples, but you might be surprised what we find on old, non-professionally installed, residential roofs. You do not want to cut corners in Midwestern states where we experience the worst of all four seasons. Leave it to the professionals to protect your home and your investment.

We Follow Municipal Residential Roofing Codes and Manufacturer Instructions

We follow municipal codes and manufacturer suggestions when intalling residential roofing. City codes and manufacturer warranties require different standards for the number and placement of air vents on roofing. We have special formulas and calculations that assist us in determining how many air vents and where they should be placed on a residential roof. The last thing you want to do is void the manufacturer's warranty because you didn't do someting correctly. We stay abreast of all of our manufacturers rules and when we enter a community, we find out and abide by the local city or town codes. That's our job.

Midwest Roofing has been in business for 60 years. We've been putting roofs on businesses and homes since Eisenhower was in office! We have crews that know what they're doing, and know how to replace almost any kind of roofing system, commercial or residential. Your brother-in-law, he's an accountant, right? And as far as quick service. We offer our Priority Service. If you need a residential roof replaced quickly, we can do that.



Fill out the form and you will automatically be added to our listing for priority roofing service for hail damage, storm damage and tornados. Avoid the risk of more damage from subsequent storms, and move to the front of line, get your name on the list now.


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Maintain Your New Roof

All roofs should be checked periodically to be sure they are free of debris and drains are clear. A quarterly roof inspection will help to keep your roof maintained.  The best preventative maintenance is to inspect and identify problems as they occur.  Roofs get more abuse from the elements and preventative maintenance is a key element to saving money on your roof by providing a longer service life.

How to check and maintain your new roof.

*     Clean debris from the surface of the roof. This includes debris that has gathered behind HVAC units, pipes and pitch pans. Debris has a tendency to hold water, and water will advance roof deterioration, especially if the roof is asphalt based.

*     If your roof is starting to collect moss or algae, install some zinc or lead control strips. Keep all algae off the roof surface.

*     Check all flashings and make sure they are not deteriorated and there are no holes in them.

*     Replace any damaged shingles.

*      Keep all gutter free from debris. Make sure downspouts are draining properly by water testing them.

*     Trim back any overhanging tree branches.

*     Check all caulking and sealants. Scrape and remove any caulking that is weather cracked and damaged. Clean area before applying new polyurethane caulking.

*      Check the mortar on chimneys in between brick and on top.  If it is damaged or deteriorated, have it tuck pointed.  Any mason can perform this work.


Quarterly checking of your new roof will help to extend the lifetime of your roof.  Midwest Roofing Services is always here for any additional needs that may arise from wind damage to hail damage or anything in between. Our certified Service Writers are here to assess and help you with your roofing needs. Midwest Roofing Services wants to help you maintain and extend the life of your new roof.

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Here at Midwest Roofing we realize that picking the type of shingle and color is the perfect opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your entire home. Your roof can make up more than half of your homes exterior, so it should complement your home's style and exterior color scheme. As you browse through your many shingle choices, think about how the look of your new roof could improve the upon the roof you have now. 

Should you choose a different color?

Consider the look of your home's exterior.  A new color could bring your whole look together.

The color of the roof should coordinate with all your exterior elements: paint, siding, brick, or stone etc.

Do you need more dimension?

If your home is monochromatic think about adding shingles that appear thicker or give your roof a rich textured look.  

Homes that already have detailed exteriors a muted softer shingle may be more appropriate. There are so many varieties of roofing shingles that carry unique combinations to really help add to the curb appeal of your home.  Over the next few blogs Midwest Roofing is going to talk about a number of Shingle products that are beautiful and designed to protect you home.  In the days and weeks to come we will be highlighting a few of these shingle options and talking about the durability and luxury of a few of these outstanding products we offer here at Midwest Roofing Services.

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Midwest Roofing Services, your Wichita roofing company,  has many shingle options but the Duration Series Shingles comes with Sure Nail Technology built right in.  This type of shingle offers the homeowner a Tru-Bond sealant that grips tightly to the nailing strip on the shingle below for greater bonding strength. The specially formulated, extra wide adhesive bands helps keep the shingle layers laminated together in virtually all weather conditions. The Duration Shingles  with Sure Nail Technology have it all: a bold dimensional look, plus a impressive durability. These beautiful premium shingles are designed for a long lasting performance and they get high marks for durability because of their 30 year Limited Warranty with 110 MPH  Wind Resistance Limited Warranty. Duration Shingles and Duration Premium Shingles come in a wide variety of colors:

  • Amber
  • Desert Tan
  • Brownwood
  • Teak 
  • Driftwood
  • Onyx Black
  • Estate Gray
  • Quarry Gray
  • Sierra Gray
  • Shasta White
  • Harbor Blue
  • Chateau Green
  • Terra Cotta
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Midwest Roofing Services, your Wichita roofing company, offers a wide variety of Shingles.  One of our specialty type shingles is the Camelot Shingle.  The Camelot Shingle is a very affordable type luxury shingle and is the top of the line and at only a fraction of the cost of expensive slate or wood shakes.  The Camelot Shingle is a unique design that uses striking color blends to result in maximum curb appeal.  This Shingle is a super heavyweight "Plus" construction with 400 pounds per square for ultimate durability.  Plus each layer of Camelot Shingles is up to 60% thicker than each layer of many premium asphalt shingles and with the micro weave core  it provides the shingle with better protection layer for layer. The Camelot Shingle comes with a Stain Guard Warranty to assure that the beauty of the shingle never obtains the unsightly blue green algae.  Camelot Shingles also have a Safer Class A fire listing from Underwriters Laboratories, this is the highest rating possible. The Camelot Shingle with the double row of Dura Grip adhesive helps reduce risk of of shingle blow off with a warranty  to withstand 130 MPH winds. Finally the Camelot Shingle will give you peace of mind with a Lifetime Ltd. Warranty with "Smart Choice" protection for the first 10 years.  Camelot Shingles are Breathtakingly Beautiful and is a perfect addition to the value of your home. If you are interested in the Camelot Shingle or any other type shingle , please check in with Midwest Roofing's Service Writers as they will be  available to help you make the best decision on any type of shingle you may be interested in.  The Picture is of a recently applied Camelot Shingle.  This luxurious Camelot Shingle  by far has a lot to offer in beauty and affordability. So check it out!

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  • Credentials: Midwest Roofing Services has partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry. Midwest Roofing has been awarded the prestigious certification of Master Select by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, “GAF Materials Corp.”. This certification is reserved for the Top 2% of the roofing contractors nation wide. Midwest Roofing is also certified applicators for the following manufacturers. Versico Roofing Systems, Certainteed Commercial Roofing and Topps Products, Inc. This partnership allows us to provide the following types of roofing applications with extended manufacturers warrantees. Thermoplastic (PVC and TPO), Thermoplastic Fleece Back, Epdm, Modified Bitumen, Built up Roofing, Roof Coatings, Metal Roof Restorations.

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