Warranties: Backed by guarantees you can trust, Midwest Roofing along with leading industry manufacturers will issue guarantees on all roof system installations. These are the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

Just about everyone would agree that warranties are a critical element in any major project. However, not all warranties are created equal. Midwest Roofing will present many warranty options to our clients in order to achieve the best warranty to suit their needs. Our warranties come in many flavors, 10yr, 15yr, 20yr and 25yr warranty options. These extended warranty plans will cover the material and labor for a watertight roof assembly for the duration of the warranty period.

Types of Warranties

Product Warranty:

This is the warranty on the products that are installed in roofing project. This warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the roofing materials utilized, and covers manufacturing defects of the products. The length of time the products are covered by the manufacturers warranty will vary upon the type of product installed.

Workmanship Warranty:

This warranty is issued by the contractor and covers the installation of the products along with the leak free duration of the specified warranty period.

System Warranties:

System warranties are provided by the roofing system manufacturer when a certified contractor installs the roofing system in direct accordance with the manufacturers specifications. These warranty’s cover both the product and workmanship for the specified period of time. They can be either pro-rated or Non-pro-rated. They come in various terms, 10yr, 15yr, 20yr and 25yr depending on the roof system installed. Midwest Roofing Services installs

  • Credentials: Midwest Roofing Services has partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry. Midwest Roofing has been awarded the prestigious certification of Master Select by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, “GAF Materials Corp.”. This certification is reserved for the Top 2% of the roofing contractors nation wide. Midwest Roofing is also certified applicators for the following manufacturers. Versico Roofing Systems, Certainteed Commercial Roofing and Topps Products, Inc. This partnership allows us to provide the following types of roofing applications with extended manufacturers warrantees. Thermoplastic (PVC and TPO), Thermoplastic Fleece Back, Epdm, Modified Bitumen, Built up Roofing, Roof Coatings, Metal Roof Restorations.

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